Property Available Now!!!!

Subject To Rental Wholesale Deal Available in Sacramento!!!  DO NOT DISTRURB THE TENANTS OR GO TO THE DOOR!!!

$195,000 purchase price

3717 42nd St Sacramento, CA 95820

I just put $6k into it and rented it for $1250 plus utilities.
There is a 1st mortgage on it for $141,700.  Maturity Date is 2043. I took it over subject to. You can take it over from me.
Rate is fixed at 5.375%
PIT payment is $983.65
$215.00 a month goes to principal
$636.00 to interest
$132.77 is escrowed for taxes
E-mail if you are interested


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Common Questions

Q: What is wholesaling real estate? +

A: Just about anytime you purchase anything at a retail store, there was a “wholesaler” involved.  A wholesaler is basically someone who purchases, produces, or “locks” up something at a certain price and then sells them for a higher price (some people call them a “middle man”).  If you’ve ever purchased a used car at a car lot chances are they bought it from someone else at a lower price, and then sold it to you for a profit. The same thing can be done in real estate.

Q: What type(s) of property do you wholesale in Sacramento? +

A: We wholesale discounted single-family homes, multi-family homes, condos, apartments and even vacant land in Northern California.

Q: Why are you looking for cash investors? +

A: Most of the properties I wholesale are in need of repair and many won’t qualify for conventional real estate loans. In addition, 80% of the time we need to close in ten days or less.

Q: How do you find discounted wholesale properties? +

A: I spend my days marketing directly to homeowners. Most of my wholesale properties have never been on the MLS or marketed to the public.

Q: I'm also a wholesaler here in Sacramento. How can we work together? +

A: I love working with other wholesalers here in Sacramento. Whether you are brand new to wholesaling properties or a seasoned investor who also wholesales property in the Sacramento area, I’m confident we can help each other out. Send me an email at I’d love to chat with you about wholesaling deals in the Sacramento area.

Q: Why do you sell investment homes at such a deep discount? +

A: I specialize in finding properties at a discount in Northern California to sell to investors. I don’t have the systems in place to rehab properties and i’m not interested in buying and holding property either.

Q: In which Sacramento counties do you wholesale real estate? +

A: We are constantly marketing for wholesale real estate in Sacramento, Solano, Placer, Nevada, San Joaquin, and El Dorado County areas.

Q: What do you do with my contact information? +

A: I will only use your contact information to send you wholesale deal opportunities. I don’t ever send junk mail and you can unsubscribe to my wholesale Sacramento homes buyers list at anytime.

Q: Are you a real estate agent? +

A: Yes. However, We are wholesalers. When you buy a property from us we will be assigning our rights of the contract to you. There will be no realtor fees or commissions.